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baltimore city police on september 21.the medical examiner ays he suffered bboken ribs... a ruptured spleenn.. and a head injury. caught anderson in a drug deal &pand thatthe choked on drugs.. &pbbt the autopsy report ruled thattout.witnesses... including ndeeson's mother... say officers beet the 46-yearrold man to ddath ong east biidle street and montford avenue. (mr. gordon/atty) ""and thhre was o ouuce of shamm or contrition in the eyes, thoughts, minds or hearts of these officers who engaged in ttis savage attack."(ms. harvey) "we don't have a problem with the baltimore city police deparrment. we have aaproblem with officers thht thake their job.. think they above the law." law."the officerr involved haae been placed oo adminiitrative duuies while the investigationnconninues. ultimately, prosecutors will decide whether charges will bb filed.i'm megan gilliland, fox45 morning news. policc are lookinggfor an esccped inmate, this morning. we're told the man escaped around 7 o 'clock tuesday night... from the northeast district police station... near morgan state universityy tte
of helping cover up will not beecharged with a crim. from city police headquarters released from prosecutors. pood morning guys,the city state's attorney's office made the decision in august... but just released the news... only investigation..t all happenee - in march in aa east baltimore alley.david wright was the one who ound his nieceeshot and killed.later... baltimore city &ppolice offiier... john ward out f the eastern district... was undeerinvestigation for hisssuspected invvlvement in the murderrof 13-year-oll monea tuunage.waaddwaa suspended when police found the gun that killed the girl in the trunk of his ccr.but prosecutors now say ward will evidence.a decisiin that has wright second guessing his supoprt of city police. (wright) now understtnd me clearly, every officer isn't bad. every offfcer isn't guilty, but there's a ggeat numberrof them who are. thee are guiltyyand they do a lot of thiigs, but they want respect on the streett aad they want respect from the citizens. they're neverrgoing to get it,,neeer oing to get it ecause it's so much against them."" them.""two young
tragedy and morr tragedy to happen." coming up on the eaaly ediitio... taking aacloser... pollceá.the city program that's under majjr scrutiny... folllwing ssveral aasuits. ((break 1)) 3 p p(ad lib meteorologist)) 33 &p((traffic reporter ad libs)) map liberty map 40 map p95 map 3 3 3 still to come... crime in &pbbltimore schools... bbing under reported. reported.the in-house lot of criticism from the ciiy - council. aating like police officers... but with none of the training. the seeuriiy guards who are why they may be taken away. ((brrak 2)) [ female announcer ] there are lots of differents ways to say get well to your loved ones. this came for you, mommy. [ female announcer ] but when you send a kleenex® care pack, complete with america's softest tissue, you're also giving a warm gesture of care. kleenex®. america's softest tissue. &p someebaltimore leaders are asking for more officers... who are essentially security guards. thee've been granted sseciall citiiens. as melinda roeder eeplainn... there's no required traiiing... and some argue there should be. 3 (file video of olice
on fox... thhre's controversy over how crime is being reported in city schools. fox 45 has obtained documents that how classrooms may not be as saae as the numbers indicate. joel d. smiih is live in west baltimoreewith the new statistics, and the big advaatage schools could be seeking, by keeping the good morning jool d. good morning guys, .. foxx 45 has obtained internal 9 milimeter weapon here at carver high chool... wentt unreported to police. pplice. instead here is now an internal procedure.... an" in pouse referral system" that has pushed at least 147 casee of assault aad 47 cases of coofiscated weapons away rom law enforcement. fewer reported crimes could amount &pcan keep a pptentially violen school off the state's persistantly dangerous school found to the president of the concerning, nd other nnon - up crime. hooever, the head of student safety in the ity defends the practice, saying zero tolerance is not theeooly way to handle probllms. 3:15::8 this is something that by developing methods of bringing a child in for an actual oofenne.... appropriate thing we s
ccunty, altimore city, baltimore county, calvert , schools are all closed.unty closedd also cecii, dorchesstr , frederick, garret, harford , howard, kent &pand montgomery coonty schools aae losed.for the complete can gooto oor website attfox - baltimore dot com.and all that information is also on the screen. it runs even ur during commercials. &pcity has beennslammed hard y pastthurricanes. hurricanes.megan gilliland is the worst... yet agaii. 3 3 bbg-e is callinggin reenforcements... b-g-e is calling in b-g-e s calling in reinforcements... in anticipption of an estimated one million outages. outages. joel d. smith is at b-g-ees staging area at m&t bank stadium... where many of thooe extra rews are morning joel d.he worst.good - 3 when the pooer goes oott.. you can still keep up tt date on streaming ourrnewscasts to he web and o mmbile devices. download the fox45 mobile app by searching forr"wbff" n your app store. 3 ((break 1)))- ((toss tooemmly)) 3 ((toss to emily)) 3 ((toss to emily)) 3 3 3 ((traffic reporter ad libs)) map--computer---40-
to be zero tolerance for abuse, we the community and the pplice to e respectful." respectful."the city police investigating. a group of volunteers cleaninn up a city parkkdiscover the pounty woman. was reported missing on september 20th.we spoke with her family last week during her.they said she suffered frrm demmntia and wwlked away prom an assssted living facility in body was founddsaturday n eakinn pprk.familyymembers say she died from hypothermia. a rare meningitis outbreak sickens 26 people in fiie ssates.. iicluding riiht here in maryland. far four people have dded, including one cases are expected ii the coming days.the cases are being linked to injections for back pain at a teenessee medical center.. which has ssnce officials pontagious... but they say more than 7- hundred eople could be affected. inspections at baltimore display for anyone to see. - grades.the information would 3 also go on display at the &prestaurants.according to the baltimmre ssn, al members of on as sponsors f the bill. rrppesentatives of the state's restaurant
baltimore city workerssused toofill up at gas stations that were noo city apppoved.meganngiililand is live downtown with more in good morning guys,city workers ccn uss this gas station on ... street and fiil up at a heaper's one of 18- but a new report shows many workers just aren't using them. them.instead... ttee're cost... and in turn... wasting yourrtaxpayer dolllas. the reporr from the city's iispector general ... shows city workers aateddover 990-thousand dollars on gas cards over tte lst six yyars. it found workers were pumping which on average were 89-cents mayor: weeve already implemented many of thh reforms that are suggested in the inspector general's report and mm hope is tt continue mmvinggforward wiihhthat so we can continue, so e ccn continue to save mmneyy48 in the reporr... the inssector generaa reccmmendssthe gas card program be re-evaluated. to include more restrictions and more downtown, i'mmmeganngilliland, fox45 morninn news. it's our duty to hold our ellcted officials accountable. fox45 waste watch.if yoo have a ssorr about overnment &pwas
's not a city in america hat lovee their team more than thissone... tte we put them through some tough . times. today is a travellday, so fans can catch their breath for 24 hours.... gaae 3 is scheduled foo 7:00, wednesday night in new york. the series now shifts to the bronx, wheee the teams will play game 3 on not done talking about this - game yet. joel d. smith is live at more details about the game, including one yankee who set a pecord no oneewants! 3 3- 3 3 3 3 a-rod stat .. playoffs striking out. 3 was sked if he considerrd er - saying or doing anything different with johnson because he had a tough night in the 4348 no, would have got the jj look if i did. ... i woulln't insult him like 3that. that. joel d. smith, fox 45 morning news. 3 3 marriage is heating up just a few weeks before voters head to the polls. polls.brendon ayanbadajo: "gay and lesbian couples wwnna marry for the same reasons as we allldo." do."last month... baltimore raven's layer brendoo ayanbadajo came out in support oo maryland's queetion p...and lasttnight, he and governor o'malley attenned a fundrai
at five..3 p3 3 &pp3 p3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 a baltimore city police officer under nvestigation for his... suspected of a 13-year-old irl... is cleared of any wrongdoing. just released by the city s - sttte's attorney's offfce. megan gilliiand is live ffom police headquarters with reactton to the story you're seeing first on foo. good morning guys,in a juut released staaement... prosecutorr say officer johnn ward... from the easternn district... will not face criminal charges... because of insufficent evidence. evidence.ward was under investigation for his suspected involvement in the mmrder of 13-year-old monea turnage back in march.two young boys... ages 12 and 13... admitted o killing turnage.but ward... was suspended when policeefound trunk of his car.sources say e ward was dating the mother of one of those boys... and there were acccsations that he &pppayed a role in a possible cover up and may have even advised the boys on how to &han prosecutors say there just isn't enough evidence to prove that... a ddcision that turnage's family sn't happy with. (wright) "to me, i'm suspici
report reveals bbltimore city workers wasted pearlyyone millioondollars inn taxpaaer dollars... filling up at gas stations thaa were not city approved. approved.megan gillillnd is live downnown wwth thh latest numbers n today's waste atch report. good morning guys,this is one of 11-government owned gas orkers can come here... ann fill up at cheaper many just aren't using them. them.instead... they'ree choosing convenience over your taxpayer dollars. the inspeetor generaa ... shoos city workersswasted ovee 900-thousand dollars on ggs cards ovee tte last sii years. iitfound workers were pumping gaa at rivate stations... which on average wwrr 89-cents more than city stations. mayor: 26:34 we can'ttfix it, unless we identify it. ann i'm ffcusee oo fixing ii. it.mayor stephaniee rrwlingg-blake wentton to praise the inspecttr gennral spending. and now it's time to do somethhng abbut it. coming uppnext half hour... how the inspector eneral reeommendssfixing the problem. live downtown, i'm megan it's our dutyyto hold our ews. elected officials accountabll. you can do that by
baltimore city is on the road to purchase morr than a ozen of them. they are from toosee if thh cars make sense for the city....or maybe you.goodd mooning oel d. p. good morninn joel you.the city... or maybeemake senss por see if the cars they are from to dealership where live at the joel d. smith is joel d. smith is liveeat the deallrship where they are sense for the city... or maybe you.good morning joel d. 3 3 3 will yoo need an umbrrlla before steppinggout todaa? today?you skywatch weather forecass is nextt next. he's a little young to be superman,,but he's definitell aasuper boy. a chinese child showing super- human strength. he's only seven years old, but he weighs one hhndred and twelve pounds and can carryyhis two he kid can carry a ninety pound bag of corn ... and ull one point ffor ton car ffr several yards. the child sayss he wants to be a champion weight llffer when hh grows up. ((22shot toss to weather)) ((ad lib meteorologist)) 3 (((raffii reporter ad libs)) map el air map fiber map quarantine 3 3 it's a dinnertime staple... stappe..."people love m
city high... died.officers are now asking for your heep to solve (anthony guglielmi)"we need tte commmnity to help us hold people accountable.. so its coming ffrward.. with information iientifying people are a problem and reelly nnw - bridggng the gap and working witt detectives bringing them to justicc." justice."so far... police have made an arrest in just one of the shooting cases from over thh weekend. mourning the loss of a - ccildren.... klled in a fire last week. towiig companiis atherd at theefamily's burned out home on denwooo avenue for a vigil and funnraiser..orkers at "knockouu" tooing contacted asking or ddnations to help surriving family membbrs with funeral costs and other expenses.lasttniggt, thee ppesented the donations to he pamily. (ms. blanks/victim's aughterr &p"it was amazing to see that w had so much upport from people thht don't even know family." driver)"really, i... standing ii front of this house, i feel ttat's all i keep thinking about is my kids never waking up.. never making it out theii " happened on thursday...ire - firefighters say the v
equipped with the new cameras. pood morniig guys,right ow theee ae 10 uses across thh city that have he new summer... that's aboott 40 buse. are six cameras... that recood both video and audio.but the &pa-c-l-u bellives thh audio privvcy.and tatts something passenners tell us they're worrieddabout. (13:54:18) (russell) "you could be giving a family membbr social security or pour information." (14:27:24) infrrnge on annone's rivacy -3 but o proviie police and passengers with additional inforraaion that can help police resolveecrimes shoull one occur." occur..there will be a sign on that viieo and audio is being m-t-a officcals say they got geeeral's office. live from the mondawmin bus stop, iim megan gglliland, fox45 morning &pnews. killlngghis grandparents is ith& now bbck in marylandd maryland.maathew longgwas wednesday... and iisnow bbing counts of firrt degree murder. investtggtors say long used a knife and ddmbbells to kill his grandparents... vaughn and &pmarjorie pepper... last month innide their pikesville home. the next day ... auuhorities founddlong unreeponsive inside an
cuts... and the city fireeunion says that at risk. putting public safety risk."i on't want to se this to get on a soopboo and beatt the saae band. noo do i want to play god and pretend to have a crystal ball o have the ability to see the uture and say the companies that were shut down wouud have made this outcome any betttr what i believv is non-arguuble point is that the ballimore a lot more with fewer thin."a third fire company that was scheduled tt close - is now staying open - indefintiely.the mayor announced last week that truck 10 will remain in service thanks to ttx revenues fromm 3 &p paul ryan comes out oo top att past night's one and only v-pp debate.according to a cnn/o-r-c poll ccnducted right aater tte faceoff.... 48 giving him a four point .. advantage over joe bidee. biden.biien wws underrpressuue to gain ground after president in the first presidential oss hit a sticky issue for the ion - obama administration... the attack on tte u-s consulate ii bengghzi that killed aabassador chris stevens and three others. ryan accused the administtation of failing to pro
becoming baltimore's new top cop. onn appeared at city hall for his confirmation hearing. &pcommmttee membersswere in place with questions for the designee... bbeore his appointment is made offiiial. (couucilman welch) "i just and any changes that you might - envision ii terms of that community policing...."(batts) phis community policing philosophy in the police departmentt. but morr likely, we'rr goiiggto go to the they need from us." us." batts replaces fred bealefeld... who retired in august after 30 years at the baltimore police departmenn. nominations committee... battss nomination goes to the full council for a ffll vote... which could haapennas early as next monday. should a city that's closingg rec centees nd raising jail?that's the controversy construction of a new 70-million-dollar juvenile governor says the city needs say the money would be better funding jobs for youth. 3&3312:04 "we're tired oo peopl &pprofftting oof of black profitting off of locking up &pour children. we're tired of people saying we have money to build a jail, but don't have money for scho
with tinted windows. anyone with information ssould call olice. 3 city students are speaking out about one of the key issues oo the november ballot....the dream aat. act.dozens of students met att the "baltimore freeddm this allows eligible...undocume ntee students to pay in-state tuition rates at maryland "people ose sight offthe going to college, kids are kids who actually want to succeed. they want the chance, they just want a chancc." chhnce."opponents of maryland'' dream act gathered ssgnatures to put the issuee n the november baalot. a push for early voting in montgomery county. county.county elections officiils are urging people to participate... becuase oo long llnes and redistricting. &ptraining sessions are already well underway for the more than 35-hundred electton judges montgomeryycounty fact, somm of thooe judges in - will have to reeort tt worr one day earlier, to begin roher says: ""here was &predistricttnggthat occuured ast jaauaay. and, for a lot of our voters, they have ot been to the polling placee since that reddstricting encouraging everyone to reviee their
...a judge's decision could take police off the street in sooe of the city's moss dangerous neighborhoods.all of it... over paperwork.megan giililandd is liveefrom ciiy police headquartersswith more on the controversial change in policy. pood morning uys,many &pofficers don'' want to talk pbout it out of fear...the concern is possible retributiin by some judges. pudges.itts all over the use of electroniccsignatures on pharging 45's investigative teaa obtained this letter that bans the practice. it was written by district court chief judge ben clyburn last month... stating that an ink-on-paper signature is required.but some officers &ppn the city say a written signature amounts to more time off the street doinn paperwork. 15:18:24 the issue is do the sign their own statements their own reports of probable caase aad the answer i would say is yes in he past... charging ttansmittedd lecttonically. an approach strongly supported by the baltimore city ssatees attorney's office. no word on what prompted this fox45 morning news.lliland, - the numbers from the deadly meningitis o
claam a 9-to-6 victory on thh road... in first... the ravens group of kansas city chieff... who eeentually helpee out the ravensswith four turnovers... three of which led to scores, and 8's a good thing too... because thee pavens pent a lot of time strugglinn on both sides of the football... and according to the quarterback... you haae to give them a lot of credit, flacco soteir struggles. sot the next game is sunday... against the cowboys. the pope's butler will spend 18 monnhs in an italian prison...after being convicted of stealing and leakkng confidential church documents. documents.paolo gabriele waa convicted in a vactican city court over the weekend.he told &pthe courts, he wanted to expose corruption and gave the papers to an italian journalist... who then used them to write a bbsttselling bookkgabriele says he doesn'' feel like a thief... becauue the church and his leader.e for- israeli military experts are examiningg he remains of a mysterious drone... shot down after entering israeli's believed hh unmanned vessel didn't takk &
with the new systemm coming p next halffhour... live from the mondawmin bus fox45 morninggnews. baltimorr city police are looking forrtwo people who attacked a teenager oo an m-t- a bus last month. released pictuues of two t-a individuals who they'd like too question... in connection with the assault on 19-yeaa-old ernestine parkkr.according to the girl's mother... the driver was on norrh vvnue and kept going for eight blocks while her daughter was being beaten.sheesaid errestine actually called her from the 13:21:15 whhle she was being the phone and i was just on caam is anybodyyhelpinn her she said no one wws helping her :23 p23the driver eventually pulled over anddallowed the teen tt get off the bus.her mother believes the individuals who attacked her daughter....targeted the teen because of her ssxual ooientation. a suspecttd peepinggtom is n the loose in howard county. county.police say a man secretly viddotaped two women in their condo alonn city.thhy ttink it started continued... if the women pn one offtheir ccosets last taken from the camera shows the man setting it up.
the original owner facing a fine from the city. city.anggla cobb and her hussand onated their car to "kkrs-4-kidss... a non-pprfii orggnizatton ttat heeps raise &pmoney to benefit jewish children in need.a -representt told fox 45 that theecar was ssld last november by ""uto auction of bbltimore."the persso who bought it reportedly neeer ook thee steps to register it or transfer the title.the car was illegally driven around &pballimore and whennpolice pagg were fake...theyy ticketed, towed and impounded &pphough the car doesn't belong to thhm anymore. p3:42:43 this receipt we have right here from kkrs4kids it 13:43:08 it hhs the vin number identtfying thh car. that should work.. work.. kars-4-kids has rrmiied to ccver any costs the obbs maa &pend up paying and to go after &pphe mmn who bought the car. an anne arundel county woman almmst 100-thouand dollars - from an insurance claiming her son was 32-year-old shhrley rae owens gave birth to twins back in 2007, and at first, one child then prosecutors say she kept filing claims... evennthough theechild didn't need &padditiooal
county man accused of secretl ellicott city condo.n in their condd.miihhee mccenny was aarested last week for this video ssowing him setting up hhdden cameras insidd the bedrooms offa condo on montgomery road.police believe mckenny knew the women and used a copied key o enter the appeared in court n tuessay, where the judge revooed hii bond. a notorious baltimore sex offender accused of abusing dozzns of ccildren could be released from jail soon. ppople who say they wwre t15 - richmond, virginia... hoping sure he sttyssin jail.ill make - jail. 3&they're an orrinaay group of peopll... ho share an extraordinary pain. pain."i waa in thh 66h th and 8th grade" grade""weewere abused menttlly, psschially, sexually" john merzbachhr, a convicted &pchild accused of aausing dozenn of children... sentences...but wo yeerr appeal went hroughha judge ffund thht he was never offered a plea deal by the &popening up the possiblity...that a man crimes...coull o ffee. ble the ery end, he woull have - nevee aareed to have plead guil" guilty""we've all been strong because we've
with baltimore city schools.there are 17 baltimore county schools closed because of power outages.all others willl open on timm. time.there are also 17 anne arundel county schools closed this morning due to power outages.all other schools in tte county are opening two hours howard county... as maay as 10 schools will outaggs.all others will open on time.check thh ttcker aa &pthe bottommof your screen for specifics. 3 3 3 & 3 3 3 many of uu are breathing a sigh of reeief ttis morning... as superstormm sandy dissipates after to the northeast. the system - is beinggblamed for at least 44 also knocked out power to more than 8 million people from maine to the up and down the coast... entiie neighborhoods are floodee... aad ome are buried in sand.powerful winds and ocean surges toppled trees and &ppestroyed puulic parks and boaadwalks.president obama is storm made landfall. we're ow going to mix ssrrow forward as a strong, resolute people to make sure that ww federal officials warn that t sandy could stiil cause problems for innand staaes. flood warnings have been issued for m
any leads. &pa baltimore city studentt.. &paccused of stabbing a &pplassmate... is held without . bail.accordinggto a judgee.. 17-year-old darreel johns would pose a risk to public safety if he were released... even though the teen has never been in trouble. johhs' mother says the decision came as a shock. thht the judge didn't llok and listen to the fact that my son was jjst acting n self deffnse he feared for his ife. life.johns s accused of stabbing a sttdent at heritage high earrler this week. johns was being bullied.but the ictim's ffmily denies that claim. the fight to end domesic violence in maryland gets a major boost from a company several non-profitsswere given a 50-thousand dollar thursday. it was an emotional morningg as survivors hared their stories of abuse and the laces they tuuned for hell. congressman elijah toward criticaa resources that could help save lives "but also i thank you, for creating a bridge, oh god, for creating a bridge. a bridge that so god, for creating a creating a bridge, oh god, for creating a bridge. a bridge that so that somebody who is per
3 coming up... the rrvens battle it oot with the chiefs in kansas city. allowed them to improve their reeord to 4 and one. 3 3&absences... that really add u. the new plan baltimore school officials have put in place... to make sure kids go to class. ((break 2))kw@ 3 a lot has been said aaout the state of american education. but, teachers can't teach kids pho aren't in class.baltiiore has a nnw plan in the fight against chronic absences. athenn jooes shows us what's being done ... and some eeamples of how it's working. --reporter pkg-as follows --(nats)baltimore teen jerrod williams has come a long seventh grade, he missed thirty-thrre days f drrpping out."there'd be days i'd jjst stayyhome, playythe game, eat, sleep, and that's about it, watch tv."williams &pstruggled to get passing grades at a chool where he didn't feellthe eachers cared. that's where karen webber ndour came in.she handles attendance initiatiies for the city's school district. "i saw him on the first day of school and one of the teachers who knew him said 'this boo ann days and days,' and we appro
to keeepthissonee corner in east baltimore city out oo tte hands of druu dealers. 11:08:27 it's extrememly hard toobelieve that it's been phe night when we ggt the call.- crusader lived wwth her bombed famiiy.... but this time ....the fllmes spread. &1:08851 it just ssees llke it was yesterday ii ootober 2002... former mayor sheliaa counnil. dixon remembers ty thh threaas madd against family haddalready survived one aason aatempt. at one point, n offer waa made to ddwson felt that woold bb giving up if i move i give up what i think i have to fight for in this community a that ended in trageey. &p11:09915 it reelly seet a message toothe entire city that all neighboohoods needed to wake up and every family had to beeaware anddnot be frightened by what happened but really to do something themselves.(((ade to black)) a dark daa in baltmore hiitory that has given way to a farr briggter future.13:29:50 were up little girl begiis to ssyy9 times4 is 36 that's y girr...giggll10:30:41 wipe fast 13:30:46 (ttught edit) i am so proud of you give me five gimmm me hug you ppactice this weekknd i l
city high school. happened just before 11 a-m at heritage high school... which is part of the school wws teeporarily under t lockdown. ptudent (no namm giien): "on the speaker, they were saying it's a ''ooe blue'. somebody that wasn'ttsupposed to be in so, thee made everybody stay everybodyywas saying somebody got stabbed." schools spokesserson ssys the altercatton bbtween two students. 3an owingssmills man in-charge is accused of sexually abusing bbys.baltimmre county police say a 14-year-old from &phalethorpe contacted them las week about anthony cootle.the boy claimed that cottte aaussd him while living with hii family.he also accusee cottle of abusing one of his friendd. these pictures werr taken inn lansdowne whhre cottle served aa a vollnteer firefighter.he was also unning a junior fire-fighter rogram for children between the ages of nine and 155 15.the baltimore county fire department ann the ansdowne pire department have both suspended cottle.police &pbeeieve therr may be more victims and ask anyone with information to call them. continuing to help 22 fammli
in the city and theeother at a bus stop at ingleside and edmonnon avenues.those two another, similar incident. 14:4:06 during ur innestigation we were able to connect one suspect from yesterddy's assault to an assault on september aa the & ame bus stop :12 :12last night, police &&pidenti kidnappings..hey are kenyon wallee and william campbell. both are from baltimore. a 17-year-old student is facing charges in connection with a stabbing monday inside johns is charggd s an adult with attempted fiisttand second degree murder...afftr allegedly stabbing annther hearing is set for october 30th anne arundel county aaimal cootrol seizes dozenn of what thhy're callinn na &pdeplorable conditions. conditions.animal control says 21 year old shane taylor kept more than 0 animals.. including tto dogs.. turtles.. birds.. snakes and a potbelly pig... inside his home.they taylor by providing wiih th - the animals after findinggthem wiihout food or wwter.but they say he didn't follow their instructions.. so the animall had to be the owner says they have heewrong soon assthey are ready for ad
at 1.earlier this week....the city offered to victtms wwre found in the back bedroom of a home on denwood road nn week ago. 3&the seeood member of a robber crewwcaught in an a-t-f sting pleads guilty to his crimes in federal court. pouut. this was the scene after agents closed in on six drug suspects backkin june in half million dollars worth of - cocaine froo a stash house belonging to a souuh american &pno one knew a ederrl agent was working along side them. to bblieve that they were d s - gonna commit an armed robbery t. individuals who intended to do today11 yyar old isiah benjamin appeared in court yesterday and will bb sentencee in january. he faces at least 5 years in prison. eight more doctors are accused of playing a role in implanting uunecessary heart stents in patients at saint center.a towson law firm ffled the new claims wwdnesday... on behalf of 39 people.saint poseph's has beee involved in legal battles since 2009... when dr. mark midei as accussd of implaating stents ii hundreds of patientsswho didn't need them.most oo the doctorssnamed ii theenew batch of
the pnfluence of alcohol getssa pecond chance. and aathird. in fact, in accordance with the bay city education assooiation's collectivv bargaaning agreement, a ttacher has to be caaght fiie timee before thhy can be ffred. you eard me right. ive times.the rules are stricter &pfor drug use. just barely.. third time in the uulawful use or possession of iilegal drugs before they can be discharged. even teachers caught dealing ii contrast, students get ense. suspenddd for a firrt offense pnvvlving booze or drugg.a 2011 law has rendered ttese rules unenforreable against teaahers. but they remain in effect for all ooher school employees.don't critiiize the teachers' union. theyyll get pway with as much as they ccnn blame rests with city officiaas who agreed toothese this on election day.for more on this story viiit behind the hhadlines dottnnt. aaddfollow us twitttr and facebook. i'm mark hyman. hundred and eighty million dollars for maryland schools. that's a lot of money. my classroom. games and a new casino for maryland. million more for education every year. the money goes where it's suppose
impacttfor the city. city. joel d. smith is livee near the finish line with some of the reasons whyyso many consider this racc so special. special. 3 3 maybe this wwll hhlp.hat to be help. in califfrnia... big bird costumes aar lying off shelves.and it's all thanns to mitt romney's comment... about cutting funding to p-b-s.a california says everrsince romney mentioned the sesame streettchhracttr in theefirst debate... rdees have been &pflying in. the retail price pange for the costumes is beeween 40 and 100 dollars... &pput store oonerrsexpect price next ttme you call out sick for work... you might want tt re-thinkkyour eecuse."carrer builder" is ouu with a list of the most creative xcuses peeple give... to explain their absence forrwork. havingga nervous brrakdown"... faucet"... and i'm having my dead grandmother dug up forra police investtgation."if hhoky anytime ooo... you may want to think twice.almost thhy check uu on heir say them orrrequiiing a doctors' g - note. 3 coming up on the early away... out of control. ccntrol.the laage number of phone... nd the political cutting cost
at hat has bbcome good morning guys, 3 3 irrt on fox... mother is outraaed... after findiig out city police officer won't face criminal chaages... covering up her dauuhter's ssoo the mother of 13-year-old disbelief that therr won't be charges against ooficer john ward... who's ccnnected to monaees murdee case. in &pstatement released tuesday... prosecutors say there's &pinsufficient evidence to file charges aaainst ward. (ms. urnageemonae's mother) "and how do they expect for me to feel bout my daughter.. that's innane, it's very pnsann... took her llfe freely. and everyyody get off, everybbdyywalk free. what kind of stuff is that!!" that!?"ward... who's out of the eastern disttict... was under inveesigation ffllowing ooffcer was suspended when police found tte gun that killed the girl in the trunk of ward's prssnnl car. today... aa olice internal &paffairs investigation into a 16 year old hhgh school student is dead and her family wants your help oofind her kil. found innthe middle of a was - ssteet, sunday niiht.the teen was shot in the hhad, but to harrrd's
altimore city schools.therr are 17 altimore county schools closed because of open on time..all others willl-3 time.there are also 17 anne arundel county schools closed thii morning due to power outages.all other schools n tte couuty re opening two &phours howarr county.. as maay as 10 schools will stay closed because of powee outagee..ll others wiil pen on time.checc the ticker at the bottom of your scrren for 3 3 3 3- as power returns to residents herr in sheds behind... from flooded dd left - trees.megan gilliland is s..- streaming now in glen arm this morring where an elderly mmn says e's justtluckk to be alive. 3&good morning ggys,89-year old robert mcclary says he's seen a lot of storms ii the roughly but e sayssnothing cculd . - prepare him for this.take a look t what's llft of this hom. can see his roof was crushed by trees... ii three plaaes... on the left ssde of his home.amazingly the right side of the home at tteetime.a strrke offluck.... that his family couldn't be more ggateeuu for. 3pwe really can't sseethrough it, the kitchen is right t
.i'm meganngilliland, foo45 early edition. we're learning more this morning aboot three baltimore city police officer... involved in the death of a man in their custody. custody.the officers have been identified as todd strohman, gregggboyd, and michaee vodaric. vodarick.the officers said that they caught anderson in a drug deal on seppember 21st... but witnesses claimed he was beaaen byypolice.thh results of an autopsy released earlier this week showed hat anderson died of blunttforce trauma... and whill strohman is a while oo duty in 2010...the ce - attorney representing the aaderson's claims he has court documents that prove offiiers &pboyd and vodarick were sued i the past for alleged misconduct: &p"this is a testament, when yo allow bad police officers on force, they shouud haae beenn accountable for tteir wrongful ctions by the baltimorr cityypolice depaatmen" deeartment" "this is a situation we've never experiinced before commissioner batts met wwth thh family and officers &pinvolved, " ""he officers have not been charged with any wronndoing. independent investigaiton... then, the ssates' at
... for stabbing insideea baltimore city hiih school. school. it happened monnay... at heriiage high in the lake clifton complex. police arrested a 17-year-old darrell pohns... who's now facing several charges... including attempted first deggee murder. following the teen's bail review wednesday... johns' attorney told crime and justice reeootee joy lepola that his client is the real victim. 8:46:399it appears that theee are two vastly different stories here the state has made a claim of attempted where as sseaking with my grre client and his motter :50 it seems to be a case of self defense and bullying where the syytem failed my client :52 based onnthat argument... johns' attorney has been given an additional 24 hours to to support his bullying esses - the company that owns "hollywood casino" at charlestown races in westt bb governor o'mallly... for ccmmercials that ppose maryland.penn national gaaing .- is pending millions of dollars trying to defeat "question 7"... which would and allow another casino at - the national harbor in prince george's county.but the governor says the ads sugggs
ollowed y city has offered to pay for he - buuial plots have been donated. a grandmother, several offher grandchiidren and a great-grandchild were all found in the back bedroom of home on dennood road the home had three smoke alarms, but it's unclear if any of them were working. 3&pbaltimooe firefighters are tragedy mayyhelp them save of the department could be s - foond in northeast altimore neighbors make their homes a little safermelinda roeder hass more on theirrfire prrvention e. efforts. 12:26:43 nats of knocking on door - "fire departmenttgoing door to ddor.... firefightees pnnbaltimore are taking part in a safett sweep..2:18:14 - quick natt12:20:44 - installing alarrchecking homes iistalllng free ones - - wherever they're needed.kevin cartwright: 12:00:46-00 "ffrr thhse that don't have them, &p... literalll the lifespan of thursddy) the "((ile from - sweep comes ii the wwke of last week's deadly fire that claiied the lives of a 55-year- old grandmmtter and four children.... ranninggin age from just one toosevee yeaas from myranna pkg "it's too hard to lose a ffmily,,
dangerous school list. the head of student &psafety n the city defends th practiie, saying zeroo tolerrnce is not the only way to handle oblees.when we showed what we found to the president of the school poliie, he ssid it's concerning, and other uniin up crime. y its a way to cover - 1:30:10 f managemenn doens't that's out of our hands. 3:15:40 sometimes punishment alooe does not signal to the child that theyyve actually done something wrong. even withoottthese unreported incidents, there hhve been 416 assaults and 21 weapons this year. sshooo pooicc union officials say using in-house referrals crime and misallocation of officers. live in northwest b 45 morning news..- anne arundel county pplice are searccing for a man wwo they store... but fllddthe scene according to officers... a man walked into x-tra mart fuel on solomons island road around ooe o'clook sunday morninn.he allegedly pulled a knife and ordered the lerk to give him to breathe heevily and then fell to the floor.whee the clerk tolddthe robber to grab the money himseef... the man peportedly left the sttre the nntional we
the awson family murder. lessons learnedd.. 10 years after ddug ealers ssocked the city... on fox45 news at five..3 3 3 johnnharbaugh &pllrdarius webb and ray lewiss willlnot play another and ray lewws will laadarius webb announccd that officially parbauuhhcoach john twookey pllyers.the ravens looe 3 3 - 3 3 3 3 &p3 3 3 p3 the avens ose two key john harbaughh -& lardarius webb and ray lewis this year. year.both guys were injured in pundays gamm agaanst the dalls cowboys.megan gilliland is live from m & t bank stadium with reaction. good morning guys,there is &ppunday's game here against th cowboys will be the final game of ray lewis' likely hall of famee word from lewis he will not play another game thii season... and neither will cornerbacc lardariusswebb. two key playyrs on the ravenn defense.webb tore an acl... while 37-year old lewiss suffeeed a complete tear of his tricep muscle in is right arm.with lewissout... dannnll ellerbe willlstep in. 3&we had to go through this before, i stepped in and we did a good job,
with inforration should call poliie. the city policeedepartment is taking a closer look at program that givvs select powerssthe guards... referred to as "special police"... have the oppion to detain suspectss or make arrests in certain situatioos.however, baltimore pplice are re-evaluating... filed acccsing "special pplice" oo overrttpping their &pboundaries and violating civi get any traininggfrom ""don'' baltimore or state police.they work at places like shopping ceeters and partment pomplexes. the prince eorge's county caae... centered around the universityyof maryland.a total of 3-point-6 million dollars will be distributed amongg10 people who were either hurt or fflsely arrested during a &ppost-game celebration t the school after the basketball majority of the money will go to john mckenna... thh formee maryland student wwo ccught on camerr bbinn beattn by oliie. he'll get 2-millioonon friday, charggs...but officer james harrison was convicted off2-nd there waa a deadly shooting sundayyat a salon in suburban andrew spencer peports... a gunman killed othees before apparen
on baltimoree.. city residents worst.megan gilliland is live ii fells point this morning... annareaathht often feels the brunt of the storm. 3 &p3 33 3 3 b-g-e is warning customers... of wide- spread outages.they're expecting about a ámilllonn customers... to be in the dark.bbcause of hundreddsof extra crews from across the country. country. joel d. smith is live at tte b-g-e staging area those extra crews are on stand-by.good morning, oee. joel. 3- 800k last time... 1 million this time. 3 &p3 phh gooernoo has declared a state of emergency in maryland...and moss schools are closed today... here's the list:anne arundel county, baltimorr city, baltimore county,,calvvrt , closed. also -&- &pcecil, dorchester , frederick garrett, harford , howard, pent and montgomery ounty pchooos are closed.for the closings you can go o our website at fox baltimore ddt bottom of yyuurscceen. it 33and we are coostantly updattn facebook dot com slash com and - laaest as hurricane ssndy - moves into maryland. 3 ((break 11) 3 ((brrakk1)) &p 3 ((toss to emily)) 3 33 ((traffic reporter ad li
eaaing news animation)) p3 tuesday,,october 30th. 3 &3 3 3 - kathleee cairns- live in ocean city pn the phonee- 3 - wess baltimore- buildiig 3 3 ((ad lib meteooollgiit)) 3 ((trafffc reporter ad libs)) shawan 3 3 3 &p((breek 2)) local ppcs from naomi... 3- erin -glen burnie-tree down ii yyrd, says trre missed hour byy11 inches.-trampoline severly damaged -jessica in middle riier- says ditch behind her &phhuse flooded.! when it comes to newssor storm damagg in your nnighboohood... see it.. shoot it.. send ii. you &pcan upload photos and videoo to our website. go o onnthe "see it, shoot it, send it icon. yoo can also seed cell phone to "pics at yyuu foxbaltimore dot com." &p((break 3)) 3 3 - take a look at this! - front of an apartment building ippee off by sandy's force- 92nd street and 8th avenue in anhaatan fell off during stoom- o one was injured -- new york, new york-- gennry state park covered in water 3 -- belmar, newwjersey-- water rushing thrrogh playground 3 p stephanie rawlings-blake: vo se. incredible opportunity for baltimore. jim smith: que
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